Aims and activities

The MajuLab mirror site at Sorbonne University aims at establishing/strengthening links between the joint laboratories between CNRS and Sorbonne University (SU), and the International Research Laboratory MajuLab in Singapore. The MajuLab@SU mirror site provides news of interest for both the Singaporean and French partners, helps existing collaborations and facilitates the development of new collaborations. It also intends to facilitate visits by French scientists to MajuLab, visits by Singaporean scientists to labs in Sorbonne University, and recruitment of Ph.D. students and post-docs on each side. It will also help organize Master degrees Internships for interested students. For groups aiming at exploring possible joint projects, it can help establishing first contacts, before applying to “Programme Hubert Curien” Merlion or to joint ANR-NRF calls.

The MajuLab@SU mirror site will also organize joint seminars, joint workshops, to be held alternatively in France and in Singapore, as well as Ph.D. students’ schools.

Scientific objectives of the Mirror site

The main research pillars of MajuLab are in quantum matter physics, quantum information and computation, and quantum materials and photonics. More generally, MajuLab welcomes projects targeting quantum technologies with different kind of platforms (optomechanics, quantum optics, trapped particles and ions, etc) of interest to Sorbonne University laboratories and to the Singaporean MajuLab partner labs, like the Center for Quantum Technologies. The objective of the MajuLab@SU mirror site is to help develop joint researches in these fields.

Contact informations

  • Paul Indelicato, Organizer, CNRS
  • Carole Diederichs, Coorganizer, Sorbonne University
  • Christian Miniatura, Director, IRL 3654 MajuLab